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Factors affecting male fertility

Male infertility can be an intricate journey, but I’m here to illuminate the path forward with optimism and proactive strategies. Because while your road to fertility may have its share of speed-bumps, the potential for positive change is significant. Sperm health can dramatically improve with dedicated care and some good lifestyle habits, often in as little as two months.

How your weight weighs in

Weight plays a pivotal role in bodily functions, especially when it comes to reproductive health. Carrying excess weight can unsettle your hormonal equilibrium, diminish your testosterone levels, and obstruct your sperm production. While obesity can foster an environment that’s inhospitable to sperm, intensifying any fertility issues. By shedding those extra pounds, you’ll boost your chances of becoming a father.

Male fertility tests

Semen Analysis: I can analyse the various semen parameters, including sperm count, motility, and morphology, giving me critical fertility status insights.

Sperm Chromatin Integrity Test (SCIT): This test evaluates the integrity of sperm DNA, ensuring optimal genetic quality for successful conception.

Semen Microbiology: Screening for microbial presence in semen ensures the absence of pathogens that could compromise sperm function and viability.

Retrograde Ejaculation Evaluation: This assessment identifies any deviations in sperm flow into the bladder, elucidating potential factors that may impact fertility.

Genetic Tests: Genetic analysis offers insights into hereditary factors contributing to male infertility, guiding my personalised treatment approaches.

Antisperm Antibodies: Detection of antisperm antibodies can show any immune-mediated factors that are potentially impeding sperm function.

Post-Vasectomy Check: Here, I check for the absence of residual sperm, as it’s sometimes still present — so you can decide if you want a reversal procedure.

Fructose Testing: And lastly, testing for the presence of fructose in the seminal vesicle helps me diagnose for Azoospermia (when no sperm is being produced).

Sperm freezing

Sperm freezing is a smart, seamless option to preserve your fertility. The process is meticulous, but I promise you — it’s as straightforward as it gets. From collection to sperm freezing, my team and I are with you, ensuring every step is clear and comfortable.

The time is now

I encourage men of all ages to consider sperm freezing. Life can be unpredictable, but this is one surefire way to keep your options open, regardless of what the future holds.

No discomfort

The process is completely non-invasive and pain-free. I take care of everything with the utmost respect for your comfort and privacy, maintaining the highest quality standards throughout.

Years of potential

Your sperm can remain frozen indefinitely, safeguarding your future family until you’re ready to take the next steps. When you are, I’ll be here to guide you through the thawing and fertilisation process.

Safe and sound

There’s no risk to the integrity of your offspring with frozen sperm — it’s a completely safe, well-established process.

IUI and beyond

Whether it’s IUI or another fertility treatment that suits your situation best, we’ll discover it together. I’m committed to finding the path that aligns perfectly with your needs.

Transparent chats about costs and ethics

Let’s talk openly about the financial and ethical aspects of sperm freezing. I’m here to provide clarity and create a plan that’s as individual as you are.

Your call, without question

Your decision is yours alone, and it will be met with my full respect. If you decide not to use your frozen sperm, rest assured, I support your choice without reservation or hesitation.

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