Fertility Preservation

“You could freeze your eggs in your 20s and they’ll be great quality, but unless you have lots of money and are planning a child soon, there’s really no need… If you freeze them in your 30s when your career is set, they’ll still be good quality.”

Egg Freezing

Embarking on the egg freezing journey is an empowering and visionary step you can take right now! Together with my dedicated team, I’m excited to guide you through each detail — from ovarian stimulation all the way to egg freezing. We’re committed to providing a supportive, clear path that aligns with your personal choices and future plans.

Seize the moment

Egg freezing isn’t just a consideration for the future — it’s a proactive choice you can make today, regardless of your age. Whether you’re focused on your health, career, or personal dreams, I’m here for you — ready to help you secure your chances of motherhood when you decide the time is right.

Tailored to you

Your body is unique, and so is the care I provide. I personally ensure that your treatment is customised, with diligent monitoring and adjustments, as needed, for the best possible results.

The future is open

Your eggs can be kept on ice for as long as you need, ready to spring into action when you are. And when that day comes, I’ll be here to ensure the process is smooth, from thawing to fertilisation to that all-exciting moment of embryo transfer.

Managing the risks

The side effects are minimal, and I’m equipped to make your experience as comfortable as possible. I’ll be proactive in managing any symptoms that arise, keeping you in a happy place, so the experience is safe and pleasant.

Finances and ethics: handled with care

Costs are transparent and tailored to fit your life, with flexible planning that makes sense for you. Plus, any ethical considerations you have are of utmost importance to me — I’m always happy to talk it out, thoroughly and honestly.

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